Troubles abroad

It’s Christmas next week and we are out of money. It’s not our fault as all five of us were expecting money from the agency that we are working for under the contract. The work place is DHL in Amsterdam. There all 48 workers who have also been working for this United People are pissed off. When we started a week ago the DHL contact person held a meeting for UP people of problems with payment. Everyone had problems with getting their money on time and in amount that was agreed.

The Latvian guys had problems with payment already last week. We were appointed to a hostel in Velp 100 kilometres from Amsterdam we were working at. One of them is the driver whose job is to take us to the location. For not getting the gas money on time they refused to work last friday. We could not either contact our contact person at United People as she was told to be sick. What happened was that the hostel were just told to cut the contract which was a surprise to the contact person at Good Stay.

We had to leave Velp that day and were appointed at the United People’s office in Den Bosch. There the boss seemed to be mad about the situation. The agency people had put us to stay 100 kilometres from the work place and to travel there 200 kilometres in one day. Everyone was in great stress of this but the biggest challenge was put upon the driver. He is only paid of the gas money but nothing else. He has to work and also stay alert during driving which constitutes as extra hours of work, unpaid. He takes it well but it is inhuman and unfair. I’ve never witnessed this kind of situation in Finland and even in Germany we were paid of our jobs.

So now we are enjoying of our existence. That is because that is all we have, our breathing bodies. No money, no food, no Christmas, no way of travelling to meet our loved ones or way to eat more than eggs with the money we have. Okay, I am kidding as those Latvian guys are humans and they bought food and drinks for all of us so we could live as humans and not as starving cattle as this agency from Soviet Union is thinking we are.

The ”pissed off boss” in Den Bosch was astonished also of the fact that we did not receive our job agreenments. They were supposed to be received by e-mail. Instead of that we were called half an hour before signing them that the agency person was coming over to the apartment. He came. My husband who uses Cyrillic alphabet as a Macedonian heard complaints from this clerk who didn’t explain well enough where to sign and what. ”Be careful!” as it’s too difficult to treat people whose privacy you just invaded with respect. The same guy gave my colleague’s papers to me accidentally and I saw what his contract is like. I don’t know about Netherlands but in Finland that is illegal.


We were expecting to be paid today. No. There has been WhatsApp messaging with the agency people. We were also told today that they would send me and my husband our agreenments with the bosses signature but we’ve not received that. We told that if we are not paid at 17 we are not going to work. The agency has not responded to anything.

So, without these guys we would starve in a remote hostel apartment. That is our Christmas greeting from United People. Therefore I am writing this text and hope the name United People will get as many Google hits as possible and in the worst light that is possible.


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